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New CD of Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew


Audio CD of Keith Johnson's recitation of the Lord's Prayer in Hebrew

We are excited to announce the release of an audio CD of Keith Johnson’s recitation of the Lord’s Prayer! The CD includes 5 audio tracks including Keith’s introduction, a dramatized recitation of the prayer in Hebrew, and a recitation of the prayer in both Hebrew and English accompanied by the Lord’s Prayer tune played on the flute. The CD also contains an “instructional” track with a word-by-word recitation of the prayer followed by a pause leaving time for the listener to learn and repeat each word. The CD can be played on any standard CD-player or on a computer equipped with CD/DVD-ROM. As an added bonus the CD contains Keith’s video of the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew and English, which became a viral phenomenon on Youtube, playable on any computer equipped with a CD/DVD-ROM.

The CD is available for free with every new purchase of the book "A Prayer to Our Father" from the Order page.

The book and CD make an ideal gift. All US orders made through December 20 will be shipped by priority mail.

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