3 thoughts on “Listen to the Prayer in Hebrew

  1. Gentlemen once again I thank you for following the spirit of our creator. I posted the youtube on a local Faith and Religion forum for others to view and the commits are positive, be blessed
    Tony Puleo

  2. It is so important that we understand and grasp what our Lord was trying to convey and teach to His Talmidim (Disciples), when He taught them this prayer.  Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson have captured these "lessons," and through the Lord, have passed them on to us.  
    The book: "A Prayer to Our Father" is priceless, and may I say, timeless, because it gives proper accord to the words a Son was saying to His Father, our Father, Who is in Heaven!
    Until the day we all stand before Him, as one, thank you, Nehemia and Keith, for a job well done.  I know the Lord Yeshua is very, very proud of you!
    In the dust of His precious feet, jd <><

  3. Nehemiah, I am a friend of Joe Dumond. Is it not so amazing how clearly and simply The Almighty can reach down into the very soul of people in clear concise words. What ever the belief of one, these words cut across all boundaries and deliver with impact to anyone with the heart to learn the way of The Torah, from The Father, The Living Torah !! One day I would like to meet you, with His blessing, and discuss things. Meanwhile Shalom from this Tasmanian Devil, Brian Patmore

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