Pictures of Israel and New Endorsements of A Prayer to Our Father

Photographs of historical sites in Israel mentioned in “A Prayer to Our Father” by Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson have been posted on the book’s Facebook page.

The book continues to receive rave reviews and endorsements. One of the more notable comes from Professor Curtiss DeYoung of the prestigious Bethel University in St. Paul Minnesota who wrote:

“There is much power in this story. And along the way the insights gained from reading the prayer with a Hebrew lens fascinate and inspire.”

Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Professor of Reconciliation Studies, Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota

A number of Hebrew roots advocates have also written rave reviews including the following:

“I really enjoyed your book. I got quite emotional and not a little jealous of your experiences. Having been to Israel several times and experienced the amazing little treasures the LORD puts in our path, I really got into your adventure…”

Michael Beer,

“Wow! What an adventure the new book by Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson brings us… one cannot read nor understand the “Our Father” prayer the same way ever again…”

Robert Glantz, Webmaster, What Would Yahushua Do?

Numerous other endorsements from readers around the world have been posted on the testimonials page.

The book can be purchased from the order page.

The book is also available now from

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