11 thoughts on “Reggie White’s Spiritual Journey

  1. What a testimony!  I have NO doubt my brother Reggie made it into the city of the LORD spoken about in Hebrews chapter 12!  My regret is to not have met him personally to encourage him that there are many like him in this "path".  I encourage his family to continue on this 'highway of truth" no matter what!  Thank you  Nehemia for your work in our Father's vineyard!

  2. Thank you for sharing these inspiring insights into Reggie White's life and faith.  How appropriate that  we all should understand that the God (YHVH) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is also the God of all the nations.  Let us seek Him.

  3. Thank you guys for sharing this. This is hitting me heavy. I am on the same journey that Reggie was on, coming out of lies and traditions. You two men have been very blessed by the Father to have had a part in this man's life. Miracles for you both, have been around you moving you in these times we are in. Even the path you are walking now, going all over teaching pure waters. Stay strong, stay fervent. There is just a little more to go, 1 more mile to go.. Shalom

  4. My wife Laura and I first saw an interview with Reggie White shortly after we were married eight years ago. It was so refreshing to see another person on the same path we were on. I had no idea who he was, so to me he was not famous for any other reason than he looked to the Messiah and desired to walk as He walked: in the desire of Elohim. Thanks for putting these two videos up of him. May Yah bless you and guide you. Shalom –Trent

  5. Thank you for sharing this incredible story.  I think most of us are seeking the truth.  I also studied Hebrew and I love that language.  I just wish I had more time to study it and learn how to read Hebrew.  The O.T. in Hebrew does read different in many places so it is important that we continue to study it.

  6. Shalom Pablo, There is an addon to Firefox called “Downloadhelper” (one word) that allows you to download Youtube videos to your computer. Nehemia

  7. What a blessing to find that one of my son's football heros and his family was on the same path we are on. Thank you for posting this and for being a teacher to Reggie White.
    Thank you for giving him the time of his life!

  8. Reggie once told me, "I don't care what man thinks of me – I only care that I come closer to the truth that Yehovah want me to know."  What greater gift can a man posses than the gift of truth.  Reggie was a man of true conviction to the truth of the universe and it's a shame for us that we had to let him go to discover the next level of truth.  Not a Jew, not a Christian – Reggie was a true believer.


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