Television Special on A Prayer to Our Father!

We just finished a great television interview in Odessa, Texas on Prime Time Christian Broadcasting’s program “Light of the Southwest”. The 2-hour television special will air this Wednesday night Aug 26 at 8-10pm (central time) and will be re-broadcast three times on Thursday Aug 27 at 1-3am, 7-9am, and 2-4pm. The program can also be watched at the above times on the station’s website (the link is on the left-hand side under “Watch GLC Live!”). We are excited that this program will be broadcast throughout West Texas and New Mexico as well as via satellite throughout North American, India, the Middle East, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, North Africa, and the Philippines.

2 thoughts on “Television Special on A Prayer to Our Father!

  1. Just finished watching the “Light of the Southwest” program. Since
    there is no such things as accidents or random circumstances I think
    what is being revealed is nothing short of The Holy One of Israel , blessed be He. That these men have worked together is YHWH, let alone all that has been brought forth.

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