Here is what people have been saying about the book A Prayer to Our Father:

"Thanks for the book… I read it in a time I really needed to hear what it was saying. I can't explain it with words, but it seems to have provided the point of coming out of a dark place."

Jeremy Aguirre, Johnstown, Colorado

“Excellent! A Prayer to Our Father offers the reader a chance to explore what is likely to be a familiar prayer in a new way. The authors have clearly devoted much of their time to the study and understanding of the prayer, and their enthusiasm and eagerness to share the research and discoveries shines through the text.”


“If you're interested in history, languages, Christianity, Judaism, inter-faith cooperation, or tips for researching, you will enjoy this book. It definitely has something for everyone!”


“This book inspired and enlightened me spiritually in ways I would never have imagined… Whether you are a Christian or a Jew, this book is a must-read”

Amazon.com Review

"I just finished the book and really enjoyed it. I teach liturgy at the Hebrew Union College so I know how important and difficult it is to teach and write about the topic. A Prayer to Our Father is a multi-layered love story: the love of prayer, the love of learning, the love of the land of Israel, the love of the Hebrew language, and the love of Judaism and Christianity. It is part detective story, part guide-book, part text-study and all love. It is also a fabulous model of chevruta (the interactive Jewish learning model) – two people learning together, challenging each other and inspiring each other. Both Jews and Christians could learn a great deal from this book – about their own and each others traditions. I highly recommend it!"

Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman, Congregation Kol HaNeshama, Jerusalem

“The impressions are deep and stirring. I want to recommend this book far and wide. It is one of the most inspiring, instructive, and spiritually important works I have read in a long time… no one reading this book, whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, or secularist, will ever be able to think of, much less pray, the AVINU (Hebrew for "Our Father") prayer in the same way again. One's understanding of the simple power and meaning of this prayer will be thoroughly enlightened and transformed.”more

Dr. James D. Tabor, Chair, Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

“This ancient prayer is experiencing a revival! A Prayer to Our Father is an inspiring book that conveys a powerful life-changing message of spiritual growth”

Pastor Efrem Smith, Sanctuary Covenant Church, Minneapolis, MN

“In a combination of travelogue, history and linguistic detective work, this book guides the reader to insights that only appear in the Hebrew original… it presents a journey of enlightenment, for the authors and for the reader, as it traverses the land of Israel, examining culture and history in an effort to peel back two thousand years of translation accumulation… This is a valuable contribution to any believer’s library.” more

A. J. Moen, D. Phil., Academic Dean, Master’s International Divinity School, Evansville, IN

“Linguistic sleuths Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson… uncover priceless gems hidden in the Lord's Prayer in the Hebrew text of Matthew. Unsealed for such a time as this for a generation of believers who are thirsty for the sap of the Scripture's Hebrew roots, this archeological dig into the Hebrew origins of Matthew rewards us with delightful and riveting meanings into the world's most recited prayer. If you enjoy detective mysteries, the Holy Land and anything Hebraic, this book is a veritable gold mine and an exciting adventure as we discover hidden truths and marvel together with the authors, imbibing of their joy and tenacity. Especially endearing is the unfolding of the camaraderie between two authors who hail from such disparate worlds. Their journey of discovery in libraries, historic caves and Holy Land mountaintops is a continual Spirit-driven drama.”

Christine Darg, Exploits Ministry

“I am so thankful to the Father for this book. …Once I started reading, I could not pull myself from the book… I felt like I was on a spiritual journey with so many things confirmed and also revealed.”

James Thrash, NFL Player

“The story behind the making of the book is amazing and captivating. What brought the two of you together is Providential! A new understanding to the prayer I pray every day that orients me to God as my Father and eternal center.”

Major Ryan Sarenpa, US Army Chaplain, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

“The opening chapters of A Prayer to Our Father detail the relational journey of Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson in such an engaging manner. Their search for the location where Jesus prayed the “Our Father” reveals an unusual reconciled friendship across the lines of race, religion, and nation. The fact that their faith and the Scriptures bridge the gap of religion is highly unusual. Often in inter-religious dialogue there are discussions of beliefs and study of Scripture in a context of true respect. But rarely is there an agreement. People respect each other's perspective but do not often land on the same page in their interpretation. The fact that it is the prayer of Jesus (Yeshua) where Nehemia and Keith find oneness is unique and even startling. There is much power in this story. And along the way the insights gained from reading the prayer with a Hebrew lens fascinate and inspire.”

Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Professor of Reconciliation Studies, Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota

“Coming from dramatically different backgrounds, these two men unite with Biblical truth in mind to reveal the brilliant simplicity of the Hebrew language and culture that has always patiently stood in the shadows of our English versions. Another treasure in the text I highly recommend.”

Brad Scott, Wild Branch Ministry

"Though we are not yet a decade into the new millennium, I can say with an assurance that A Prayer to Our Father is without a doubt, one of the most important theological works of the 21st Century. What a tremendous insight it is to learn how to communicate with the King of the universe in the language of the one to whom the Christians refer as the King of Kings."

Bishop Kevin L. Long, Senior Pastor, Temple Church International

A Prayer To Our Father takes what could have been a rather dry, academic subject and brings it to life with firsthand accounts of answers to prayer and confirmations of faith… More than just a simple exercise in translation and etymology, this book is a journey of discovery…” more

Book Review, The Messianic Times

“An excellent combination of mystery novel and high level scholarship that makes for a very readable book on a very important topic. The Jewish insights into the most popular Christian prayer will enhance your understanding of God and His interaction with mankind regardless of which side you are starting from.”

Dr Neil Lash, Messianic Rabbi, Temple Aron HaKodesh, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your book, A Prayer to our Father. It was the most interesting, exciting, and insightful teaching on the "Our Father," (the Avinu prayer) that I have ever read. …Inspired investigative journalism at it's best. Congratulations on your collaboration, on a job very well done. May G-d use your book to draw His people, Jews & Gentiles, closer to Him and to each other. …It has been my pleasure to meet you, listen to you, and be taught by you. My life has been forever enriched by the gift of G-d that you share with such humble hearts. Shalom uv'rachah, Peace & blessing.”

Messianic Rabbi Ed Rothman, Seed of Abraham, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

“I read the book & have just completed the 2nd reading. As a rabbi/teacher (& messianic believer) I liked it quite well. I plan to use it as an outline to teach a class consisting of both Jews & Gentiles.”

Rabbi M. Pat Gray, Homosassa, Florida

"My dad would end his sermons "Yes, Yes, Yes!" and that's what I have to say after reading A Prayer to Our Father. Thank you for your passion, thank you for your solid scholarly work, and thank you for hearts set on fire for God. I am inspired by the journey, to walk in your footsteps, to feed 'continually' on the richness of study, and the opportunity to put more words and heart to my passion to pray. I am truly encouraged by your walk together, for leading us in the steps of Yeshua, and leading us to a richer understanding of the Avinu prayer! I admire the work you've done and the evidence of the work at your relationship to honor one another and to give honor to your Jewish and Christian faiths. Thank you both for honoring and glorifying our Heavenly Father!"

John Foley, Pastor, Living Stones Covenant Church, Minneapolis, MN

A Prayer to Our Father is clearly a book of spiritual insights and interpretive applications to everyday life!”

Avi Ben Mordechai, Messianic Teacher

“This is a wonderfully written book by two men who chose to humble themselves and honor God.”

Qadry Ismail, ESPN Sports Commentator and Ex-NFL Player

“I really enjoyed your book. I got quite emotional and not a little jealous of your experiences. Having been to Israel several times and experienced the amazing little treasures the LORD puts in our path, I really got into your adventure…”

Michael Beer, WildOlive.co.uk

“Wow! What an adventure the new book by Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson brings us… one cannot read nor understand the “Our Father” prayer the same way ever again…”

Robert Glantz, Webmaster, What Would Yahushua Do?

“It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke of some type: what does a white Israeli Jew have in common with a black American Christian pastor? …the answer is not a joke, but rather a wonderful journey into the Lord’s Prayer…” more

Judith Koch, The Porterville Recorder (June 27, 2009)

A Prayer to Our Father is an amazing book with more useful information than many encyclopedias.”

Michael Petrovich, Director, Center for Natural Studies, Belgrade, Serbia

“I deeply appreciate that this book is co-authored by a Jew and a Christian… The camaraderie they share makes the story they tell even more powerful. The shared respect for each other, for texts, for tradition, for the process, and for the pursuit of Truth is admirable… If you pray the Lord’s Prayer… you should read this book.”

Book Review, Everyday Theology

“I thought that Prayer To Our Father: Hebrew Origins of the Lord's Prayer by Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson would complete or at least add to my initial investigation into the Jewishness of the Lord's Prayer. And, I was right. This is an excellent book; I highly recommend it.”

Book Review, The Gentle Traveler

“Jesus’ teachings become so fresh and so much more challenging when one places him firmly in his tradition, learning who he really was… The last section of the book is extremely useful for group study, as they break down line for line the Hebrew “Our Father,” providing fresh teaching on this sacred passage. The nine lines contain deep moral and ethical teaching, and about how one can relate to Our Father and to our fellow human brothers and sisters.”

Book Review, A New Kind of Minister

“I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys church history explained in layman’s terms.”

G. Deitz, Book Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone. It is a keeper, but it is too good not to share.”

Blogger Dan, Book Review

“This book is absolutely amazing! I loved it!”

Perry Hansen, Book Review

“I just finished walking an incredible journey from Jerusalem that wound out into the arid Judean Desert and along the green hills of Galilee through the inspirational words of Keith Johnson and Nehemia Gordon… Through the journey we are blessed with many discoveries from the roots of our faith to the very spot where Yeshua, 2,000 years ago, delivered the Avinu and the Beatitudes. But the greatest discovery of this journey lies within the prayer itself…”

Pinnacle Cascade Production

“This book is a study report by a Christian and a Jew on the Hebrew root of the Lord's Prayer. It contains thoughts and feelings about the Scriptures and also background information which are invaluable for Bible lovers. Chinese readers should find it interesting and useful. If the Lord permits, I would be glad if I could participate in the service to translate it into Chinese.”

Diamond Wong, Hong Kong, China

“As a Christian and a believer in the authority and authenticity of the bible… I thank you for the diligence you've applied to interpret the words correctly.”

Wesley Beebe, Donalda, Alberta, Canada

“The book has drawn me into this journey of two people of different worlds of belief on their search for truth, but even greater than the search is the discoveries that have been made.”

Johan Schutte, Potchefstroom, South Africa

“I salute you… for the quality of the message. Your co-authorship mechanism was a tactical masterpiece of writing… The concepts that you wanted to convey to the reader were delivered with clarity and offered ease of comprehension and understanding.”

Baruch ben Hosea, Yerucham, Israel

A Prayer to Our Father is altogether profound, informative and personal. It is a book much needed in our time, for those who wish to understand the truth behind this much taught prayer, this is a recommended read!”

Lauren Jacobs, South Africa

“From an investigative standpoint, the book is engrossing and exciting! From a theological standpoint it is compelling and humbling, and from a social standpoint, this book, in my opinion, does so much to repair breaches between Jews and Christians.”

Paul Redding, Blaine, Washington

“As I do not come from a Christian background I really didn't understand the point of writing about a Christian prayer. …Once I finished I see now the importance of this prayer. It is after all a Jewish prayer, taught by one of our own.”

Yaaqov Ben Yisrael, Leesville, South Carolina

“I sat down after our family devotions and study and read the entire book that day. It made me cry in many places… This book is a must read for every person out there and every church leader…”

Michelle Bowie, Mechanicsville, Maryland

“The book came today with the mail at about 5:00pm. Instead of watching TV news with our meal, as is our custom, I started reading. At first I read out loud to my wife. We laughed a lot. Keith Johnson's observations of Nehemia are dead on and oh so funny. We smiled as we learned the background of [Football Hall-of-Famer] Reggie White's trip to the Shrine of the Book. I still have the ESPN video of Sarah White and remember her joy in telling how Reggie saw the codex that few are privileged to see. Having traveled to The Land on three occasions, we have first-hand familiarity with much of the scenery, places and characters you described, which made reading your book even more enjoyable. Having studied Hebrew, your book sheds new light on The Model or Our Father prayer. I am going to practice reciting it in Hebrew and will probably buy extra copies of your book to share with family and friends. Thank you so much for an interesting and well written book.”

David A. Grim, Charlotte, North Carolina

“I really enjoyed the book. The prayer is far more real now that the Hebrew understanding is available. I have tried to use it for a pattern for prayer and you have enhanced my understanding immensely. Thanks for your contribution.”

Jim Fincham, Chardon, Ohio

“I just finished A Prayer to Our Father, and it richly blessed me. I am going to recommend that my friends read and study this book to better understand our rich heritage found in the Hebrew text.”

Gary Nelson, Sterling, Colorado

“I wanted to express my gratitude for all the hard work that you both put into the book. It was a revelation and a joy to read. Words cannot express the fact that this book is a love story of great magnitude. The book brought me to a great realization of just how much the Lord’s Prayer is a love letter to God and that it demonstrates how much he loves us in return. Taking it back to its Hebrew roots and a clearer understanding, gives the reader much clarity on what God intends for us. I loved the adventure of traveling through the Holy Land with you. To walk where Jesus walked is something most of us would love to do but are unable to do so. You brought richness to the experience for the reader. I recommend this book to all who want clarity on what Jesus meant when he taught the Apostles how to pray, not to mention when he spoke to the multitude during the Sermon on the Mount. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate. I wanted you to know that I absolutely love it.”

L. Jean DeRoest, Nampa, Idaho

“A Prayer to Our Father offers the reader a chance to explore what is likely to be a familiar prayer in a new way. …through dedication and hard work, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson have been able to discover the original context of this important prayer, giving it a revived dynamic that has a greater depth of meaning than any current modern English translation of the New Testament. They describe each phrase contained in the prayer in wonderful detail, leaving the reader with a renewed sense of understanding in this short yet powerful Prayer to Our Father. I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking The Truth.”

Timothy W. Thompson, Troy, North Carolina

“I just finished reading your book. The beginning made me laugh and cry. What an awesome book. Truly a good read… I need to know how I can buy copies wholesale to sell in my [carpet] store. Not many books that I would offer to people, but this is definitely one.”

Edie Cain, Johnsonville, South Carolina

“I wept tears of joy as I read some of the chapters, as the true meaning of the words and phrases were revealed. There were also times I laughed out loud…”

William Tobias, Wildomar, California

"I received the book 2 days ago and finished reading it in that time. The Avinu [Hebrew for “Our Father”] prayer has been revealed as the relationship between Creator and the created, an interweaving of love and obedience. This prayer is alive! And the journey you have undertaken has been one of resuscitation. I pray this is not the end but the beginning for those who read it."

Cris Curtis, Madoc, Ontario, Canada

“Inspiring book, I recommend it! I teach Sunday school and I plan to share some of your insights with the class.”

Don B. Johnson, Manassas, Virginia

“Wow! What a wonderful and blessed journey… I've just ordered 2 more copies of the book – one is to give to the Pastor of our church, the other I'm asking Abba who He wants me to give it to…”

Rodney Baker, Adelaide, Australia

"Gentlemen I am very much at a lost for the words to properly describe what you two have accomplished by your joint efforts in writing your book. To me it was much more than just about a prayer; it was about walking out this journey of life and helping each other along the way… Thank you my brothers and Numbers 6: 23-27 blessings unto you and yours."

Tony Puleo, Lutz, Florida

“I was tremendously blessed by the reading of A Prayer to our Father. The Prayer suddenly took on a new meaning for me. Thank you for taking me with you on your journey. The results from your research are astounding!”

Deon Veldsman, Cape Town, South Africa

 “Thank you, thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to write this amazing book. I have always felt as if the prayer Jesus taught his followers was actually rather profound & had much more beneath the surface to offer; now you have confirmed that for me & the many others who will be so blessed to read this book…”

Grace G., San Antonio, Texas

A Prayer to Our Father” arrived last Monday… It was hard to put down as I walked this journey with you gentlemen through your writing. What a pleasure to feel your hearts, to see incredibly wondrous terrain, to smell the grasses of the fields, and feel the arid dessert as I journeyed through your words. It is a great joy to read that people are recognizing the Avinu [Hebrew for “Our Father”] is more than regurgitation of a Biblical verse to fulfill one’s “duty”…"

Mark Krell, Salem, Oregon

"I absolutely loved your book and your infectious enthusiasm for seeking out the truth… Thank you again for sharing your exciting adventures and discoveries with us. My husband and I would love to come to Israel one day and see all of these wonderful places for ourselves!"

Judy Gold, Brisbane, Australia

"I just want to say thank you. …I enjoyed the book. I could feel the excitement as you moved through each stage of the journey from viewing the ancient Hebrew manuscripts to the exploration of the Horns of Hattin. I felt a desire to be there with you and be part of your journey of discovery…”

Gavriel Bootel, Waimauku, Auckland, New Zealand

"My book arrived yesterday and I spent my Saturday reading it… I felt like a kindred spirit with both of you as you researched this interesting book. Your research will enable us to pray as the Lord intended. Thank you for the exciting book. I look forward to reading it again.”

Pat Thames, Midland, Texas

“In one word, ‘excellent’. I couldn't put the book down… And the fact that the two of you met and 'walked together' is priceless in and of itself.”

Dan Wolfe, Osceola, Iowa

“Great book. I skimmed it fast the first reading out. I am now SLOWLY and methodically reading it to the kids.”

Wanita Panza, Park City, Utah

“I realize the countless hours of research and traveling it took for all this information to be in my hands is truly a gift from Our Father. The series of events and the timing of it all is a miracle. You are such a blessing to many and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your time spent and your willingness to share with us!”

Lei-Ann Alimorong, Elmhurst, Illinois

“A Prayer to Our Father is a practical exercise and lesson in uncompromisingly seeking His will, trusting His revelation and growing in a personal relationship with Him…”

Pieter du Preez, Pretoria, South Africa

“I loved the way Nehemia and Keith related to one another and pursued the truth of the Scripture and were able to pass it on to us… Our Father is sooooo awesome…”

Ella Morgan, London, Kentucky

“I purchased 4 copies of this book and its message is being shared across the states. It is so good to see it in the original language and hear the true meaning… a totally awesome book and I would recommend it to everyone. I look forward to reading it again to find more of the nuggets I missed the first time.”

Linda Doss, Seven Points, Texas

“I absolutely loved the book! I have passed it on to my father and mother, and my sister is waiting to read it also! I should have bought more copies because, honestly, I'd like to read it again! I really enjoyed the way you alternated the chapters to read in first person by each one of you. Being a Christian myself, I was particularly interested in Nehemia's insight as a Jew. Fascinating book! I hope you are continuing to work together and can't wait to read or hear more of what G-d will reveal through the two of you!”

Lee Sherman, Lubbock, Texas

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