2 thoughts on “Zola Levitt’s Interview of Nehemia Gordon

  1. Todah for sharing these interviews Nehemiah. I love and miss Zola. But I think its a dangerous thing to state who is 'saved" and who isn't. THis is a "church" practice. Not one found in Scripture.
     Yahshua tell us that we are not given the authority to make such a stament. He also states that "He who does the will of My Father In Heaven" shall see the Malkut Elohim (Matt 7:21). In context Yahshua is addressing those who profess faith in Him. But He is more intersted in our obedience to the Will of YHWH Avinu (which is Torah) than our 'doctrinal statements".
    I may be wrong, but I absolutely believe that Nehemiah is doing "the will of the Father".
    Shalom Aleichem my friend.

  2. I am a believer in Yashua HaMashiach.  I so miss Zola Levitt – he helped me learn the Hebrew roots of my faith when there wasn't anyone else who could where I live.  Please, don't call me a christian – I believe in the Jewish Messiah.  Thank you, Nehemia, for your teaching on Zola and with Michael Rood on "Raiders of the Lost Book."  Thank you, YHVH!
    I think I understand now why you don't think of the B'rit Chadashah as 'scripture' because that would be adding (takanot) but I still believe in who Yashua is and that the B'rit Chadashah is the chronicles of His fulfillment of Torah and the promise of His return and fulfillment of all the Feasts of YHVH.
    Thank you for your continued work bringing understanding to the Hebrew scriptures.  Shalom ~Marie Schryver, Clarksville, TN
    Blessed is He who comes in the name of YHVH!

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